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This is a post for Free! drabble prompts! You can comment on this post with prompts or on tweets mentioning it on Twitter or @/DM me on Twitter. Basically, since these will be drabbles, any prompt is okay as long as it's not too elaborate or anything listed below in "won't write."

To be more specific, it'd be good if prompts were between 1 to 3 sentences, something like "Nagisa seeing Makoto down and trying to cheer him up." for example. Or even one word of a prompt is okay, like "Harunagi, balloons."

OR just casually sling them at me, especially if we're friends that chat a lot or on occassion.

Word count will be kept between 300 to 500 or 300 to 1000 (lol). (Also, that's approximate...260 or so may be possible. Or a little over 1000.)

Edit: You can comment anon (IP won't be listed for any comments). If you're anon or your username is different on DW than on Twitter, just tell me your Twitter username or nickname so I know who to dedicate it to. :D

(Further edit: Instead of Twitter, I can link the dedication to your Tumblr URL or AO3 instead. Or just leave it with a nickname without any links. Just mention it!)

I will first post them either in batch or separately (not sure yet which) here on Dreamwidth, and I'll probably upload some on AO3 afterwards (unless the requester doesn't want me to)!


preferred characters to write about: just about everyone!
characters i will not write ...except sei. i have a problems with sei. and idc about sasabe

preferred ships to write about: harurin, harunagi, haruaki, naoharu, makorin, makonagi, nagirin, ainagi, kisurin, kisuharu, soukou, souharu, souai, soumomo, soukisu, sounagi, reikou, makorei, momotori, misc. rare pairs
okay with writing: sourin, makoharu, soumako, makokou, harukou, harurei, nagirei
ships i may have difficulties with: rinai, rinrei, kisumako
ships i won't write: seikou, sei ships

preferred genres of writing: fluff, character-centric, introspective
genres i will not write (/suck at): tragedy, horror, anything I find gross, smut

This post may be edited eventually if I have anything else to list, idk.


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