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drabble collection 01

> killugons.


Killua can't imagine it helping the fictional figment of a fever when Gon presses a hand against Killua's forehead. It's calloused and leathery, from trees and dirt and the propel of bodies and the fire of nen and not at all like a boy's.

But it's warm.

play about

Killua leaps, Gon takes a step backwards.

His step misses--they roll down and down the hill, laughing, all tangles and closeness (till eventually, Killua remembers to jump away, all stutters and averted eyes).

> rinharus.

in blue

The concrete's carpeted by cherry blossom petals but the water's strangely untouched. When Haru gazes into the pool, it reflects Rin in his place. A curiosity unfurls in him, branches out and flowers in his eyes. But then they open, and reflecting Rin's dozing face beside him, soften.


Rin's hands are restless; they still when he takes them in his own. Rin's eyes are restless then, and Haru strangely wants to laugh, but he wonders if he's already given it away, his own heartbeat, pulsating even quicker.

the works

It's when Haru's in the flower shop that he wonders what he's doing. He slaps his head in his hands for a moment on the counter, and the shopkeeper is about to try and poke him, when Haru snaps up and--although his skin is rapidly losing color and his hands are starting to shake--very seriously asks for an arrangement of pink tulips and white and pale yellow camellias.

Rin's eyes are sparkling when he takes the bouquet in his arms though, unknowing of press, of competition, of people--(because somehow, sometimes, there's no one around for him but Haru)--so Haru thinks it's okay, to be every bit of foolish, every day.

ask me

They're older and retired but there's a fire that still twinges in Rin, wakes him at night, smashes through his veins.

Rin will call Haru, and by morning, with water still slipping from his hair and sinking into the pillow, Haru will wonder idly when he'll ask to move in, at this point.

do things right

"Yo, isn't this a picture of your boyfriend?" Kaede of the tennis team yells into Haru's face right as he presses the damning photograph up against it (his face). Haru takes it--stares at it again. It's the one that had slipped from his hand, a year past. "I found it caught under the fence behind our club room yesterday! Lucky right!? Though it's really sun-bleached... Oh, but y'know, it's cute you wanna keep a photo--...I mean, probably...--but you should ask your boyfriend if it's okay, eye em oh!"

Haru seems to regard Kaede's words pensively.

"Okay," he finally says, and turns to his side. "Rin, can I keep--"

"Oh my God!" Rin yells, right into Haru's face.

"I wasn't really going to..."

super sentai

"What are you doing?"

Not long before a joint practice, Haru had made Rin sit in the desk in front of him, having him turn around and place his elbows on his desk, pressing forearms against forearms, and hands against hands.

"Recharging on love."


see (you) again


It's the first time they've reunited again since those fateful times in middle, then high school. Rin hears his voice, and turns and--smiles, happily, with excited eyes.

Haru's heart catches in his throat for a moment, but then he takes a step, and then another, before breaking into a run--to him.

trouble in the making

There were some rough-housing guests at the wedding in the hotel, they'd told her, and she should be functioning as security, shouldn't she? One had plain jumped into the pool, and pulled another in after they'd had some kind of squabble over wedding etiquette--but when she got there, it was just as she'd suspected: it was the grooms after all, still floating in the water with their heads pressed together, bubbling with laughter.

a total mystery

It's when he tries to get a word in with Yazaki-san that he overhears the girls' excited conversation.

"Don't you have a crush!?"

--It seems an inevitable topic around those in their age group these days. Love, prettiness, handsomeness. Rin isn't sure if he can say it out loud, but compared to the swaggering so many of the guys seem to attempt at, talking about older models and their big bust size, he kind of prefers to hear more down-to-earth conversation about boys and their smiles and wavy hair, even if it's about unreachable stars--well, so maybe as near earth as it can get, anyway. Though he wonders if most of them, boys and girls, are posturing after all--if any of them have really fallen head over heels the way they talk about. Was it really possible? They were all only twelve, after all... Something like their heart beating hard... Like love... Like a crush...

A crush...

He turns back to look at Haru.

A crush?

N-no way, Rin thinks, scratching at the back of his head, but a blush spreads up to his face at a rapid rate and reaches the tips of his ears, and without thinking, he turns his eyes away, smiling a little stupidly.

> makorins.


"That time when we met briefly as kids, I think you made me sort of happy."

Rin's back is pressed against his, head nestling against the nape of Makoto's neck and eyes staring up at the ceiling of his grandmother's old porch.

His fingers search for, then find Makoto's. His hand curls gently, palm to palm.

"Do you want me to make you happy again?" he asks.

Makoto briefly wonders if Rin's joking--but that light voice of his around Makoto, for once (once more) it's especially serious, and the quickening of Makoto's own heartbeat (the flush of his face)--it betrays him.

> makoharus.


"Get out of the rain, Makoto."

He stands there soaked past the bone, smiling once again. His school bag had been abandoned to a puddle, the water building to overtake it. With such heavy curtains of rain Haru had nearly hurried past him, a fear stuck in his throat that he'd never speak of.

Makoto laughs, a little terribly; he seems to find Haru's instructions funny, hunched beneath his umbrella--at least, until Haru raises his hand beneath his eyes, and strokes his fingers along the concave of his skin. Wondering if he's been crying.